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Barbara Louise Sautter

Reiki Master/Teacher Barbara Sautter. Western Traditional Usui Reiki, Japanese Traditional Usui Reiki, International Association of Reiki Professionals, EFT Practitioner, Healing Peace Connection Founder

When you enter A Reiki Place, a time of peace, relaxation, and calm awaits.  My goal is to reduce any pain or discomfort and speed your natural healing ability.

The philosophy of A Reiki Place is that each of us have within us an Energy that desires us to live with ease. Sometimes, because of life experiences or traumas, this Energy becomes blocked or weakened.  This may cause the immune system to be compromised and "dis-ease" and pain can occur.  Reiki, EFT and Healing Peace Connection help to relax you and release this Energy, allowing it to flow fully and freely, often relieving your pain and accelerating your ability to heal.

Please call and schedule a time to experience this gentle healing process for yourself.

Services Offered:

  Reiki Master/Teacher, Founder of Healing Peace Connection