Spiritual Counseling

 Guided Group Meditation

Have you ever wished everyone would just go away, just leave you alone for two minutes?  That your mind with its worries and anxieties would just quit the endless circle of thoughts?

We all need more peace in our world, more peace in our family, more peace in our head and our heart.

Do you remember the peace you once felt alone on the beach with the ocean waves, or on a mountaintop with the starry night sky?

If you feel the call to reconnect with this peace then maybe it is time for you to explore meditation. 

A Reiki Place

​​These Groups meet 

     Sunday from 11 AM to 12 PM

     Wednesday from 5 PM to 6 PM


Is that all there is?  For many of us life feels too busy yet without real purpose.  We are running in circles and not getting anywhere.  Spiritual Counseling helps you examine your deep beliefs and your connection to the Divine, enabling you to understand yourself and the world from a more spiritual perspective.  You don't have to be religious to work with a spiritual life counselor, just open to awakening the nonphysical aspect of yourself, your spirit.  These private sessions are scheduled at your convenience.


This hour long class is an introduction to Guided Group Meditation, explaining and exploring what you can gain from your meditation experience.  This class can be scheduled at your convenience.

 Meditation 101

Please call for additional information and to schedule your appointment.                           267-984-6086